Its cruel to keep animals in cages

Initially the hamster had diarrhea, but she continued to deteriorate and the night before she died the log notes stated, "eyes shut, hard, dying. I also found a dead hamster in the new arrivals room.

Orangutans are known to escape just to be able to spend time in trees with their loved ones.

Circus Animals

PETA's investigator took this honey hamster—who, for nearly a month, suffered in the store's back room from lethargy, dehydration, wet tail, and a respiratory infection—to the vet, but PetSmart's "pet care manager" returned the hamster to the back room before she could be examined.

Frankly, we don't really need Cable News Channels like CNN wasting time on absurd topics like "American closing its Zoos" when there are much more pressing issues that need to be addressed. Originally Posted by Walla It's recently been brought to my attention that some people keep their cats in cages inside their homes.

A caged life affects pets' health. The answer is simple. I sadly doubt she makes it through the night, though. Monday, October 23, Back by the sick room, I found charts for three animals sitting outside the door and these are the notes written on them: Just as there are puppy mills, there are enormous bird factories and massive animal "suppliers," where breeders warehouse thousands of "breeding stock," whose babies are taken away and sold.

Maybe a person throws something at you every once in a while. Cages are needed to keep them safe and also to protect humans from dangerous animals like lions, tigers and bears. But I'm sure a lot of zoos are not good.

Why is it cruel to keep pets in cages?

Jose, a large military macaw, had been living in PetSmart stores for more than a year; almost his entire life when this picture was taken. Referring to the one in the treatment room, "She started having seizures" and then died. Saturday, October 14, A woman wanted one of the parakeets in the aviary.

A2 came in at 1 and I advised her of the situation. Captive birds are fine but they need attention. Then there is the sad reality of what happens to the older animals. While having a pet bird and clipping it's wings may sound cruel it's actually for it's own safety.

Further, these small animals all have specialized housing and dietary needs that many people don't understand, certainly not children who are allowed to collect these animals as prizes on a whim. In fact, we need to close off all national parks and eco-tourism businesses and move wild animals in enclosures in cities, where they can teach people to respect the planet with responsible technology such as concrete, iron bars and artificial flora.

Just a few moments of empathy should show us that this is not what the animals would want Cage 5—Long-haired hamster, recently had been brought back to the sick room isolated October 17 ; conditions also refer to chart: Many of these birds fall to the floor while trying to avoid the net.

However, what will happen to all the animals when the zoos close. Even ordinary people resort to this cruel method to control their animals.

Yes, get rid of cages and isolation, but to never see these amazing creatures would be a travesty. That can no longer be said with a straight face. Schooling fish belong in a school or will never be a happy fish. All Zoo's should be closed, and circuses that exploit and use animals as entertainment should be banned, as EVERY one of these organizations torture and abuse the animals in order to get them to submit to performing tricks that they would not otherwise do in the wild. Forum

Black bear hamster cage 3 —moved to the aviary this morning. Their wild counterparts don't have the luxuries properly kept and fed aquarium fish do. Most people In 1st world countries would not even think of locking human In cages but yet Just down the road at their local zoo or circuses helpless animals are being kept In that claustrophobic cage so us human beings can have the privilege to see those animals.

I took a box of 15 dead hamsters that were in the fridge to the Banfield freezer. Now, these cats have no physical problems and they do not relieve themselves where they are not supposed to. Animals should not be kept in cages for the health and hygiene of animals and their owners. Also the animal becomes stressed and it has been taken away from its natural habitat.

Plus the quality of the produce is not coming from an animal that has spent its life being crammed into a small cage with lots of other animals and being forced to produce. It is cruel to keep animals in cages! It IS cruel to keep animals in cages. It is an unhygienic and unhealthy way to live, the animal loses its natural instincts and 5/5(1).

The Sad Animals in Zoos Myth

I believe that it is cruel to keep animals in cages First of all, everyone has witnessed animal cruelty before, whether it is the neglect of a pet dog or cat or animals being captured and caged for unjust and unexplained research/5(1).

Aug 09,  · Costa Rica, known for its biodiversity, has decided to close its zoos because cages are bad for animals.

Should animals be kept in cages?

Costa Rica's Minister of the Environment, Rene Castro says the decision was based on childhood experience. "One day, we took the parrot out to the patio, and a. PETA does not oppose keeping a dog confined to a small area as necessary if it is in the dog’s best interests (e.g., when complete rest is ordered by a veterinarian or when confinement will keep the dog safe during travel).

because Animals did nothing to us to keep them in cages,the reason is we think they are dangerous while there is no other animal hates its own species just for a few differences such as religion or color.

Its cruel to keep animals in cages
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